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Hey, my name is Jason. I made this website because I have always loved writing. I have learned so much from the pen and the pad; the things I’ve learned, experienced and created I believe can influence and inspire the everyday man and woman, together. You may have stumbled across my world before from my music career, photography or even from shows and interviews, just know that it is appreciated that you are here and I hope you return.

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The Barksdale lifestyle is unalloyed authenticity rooted in humbling beginnings characterized through everyday people like yourself. It is no filter, unadulterated, real deal content. We are big on self-improvement, independent thought/perspectives and current events.

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We anticipate becoming an indisputable source of inspiration in the areas of self-improvement, current events and lifestyle culture. We have created this blog for free thinkers and doers who are several steps ahead of the curve looking for valuable insight for their lives.

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